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Luna & Rose 10" Plush - Skelly Cat Family

Luna & Rose 10" Plush - Skelly Cat Family

 Meet Luna & Rose, from the Skelly Cats Family. 

  • Luna & Rose are the perfect plush for children to take anywhere

  • This exclusive plush bundle contains both Luna & her sister Rose

  • These cuddly soft toys are ideal for show time or storytime

  • Created with soft fabrics and cute eyes

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Skelly Cat Family

Meet Luna, her sister RoseMom, and Dad. The Skelly Cat Family aren't like other cats.

These unique and adorable plushies were born a bit different than other cats, just like many of us may feel we were born a bit different than everyone else.

Luna and Rose are here to remind us that it's okay to be different and to embrace our individuality.

These Skelly Cats plushies also make a great gift for anyone who feels a bit different, as a reminder that they are not alone and that their uniqueness is something to be celebrated.

  • Luna

    Luna is the older sister of the Skelly Cats Family. She's always ready for an adventure. Being born a Skelly Cat made her a bit different than all the other cats but she embraces her individuality.

  • Rose

    Rose is the younger sister in the Skelly Cats family. Her pink color makes her stand out. Rose is the girly girl of the family, with a love for all things pink and sparkly. She embraces being different, and she loves to dress up and accessorize.